Hi! I’m Katrina Skinner, MD, FAAP!


If you’re like me, you didn’t go into pediatrics because you had big dreams of lying awake at night from the overwhelming anxiety of business ownership, right? But somewhere along the way you realized that being your own boss gave you a better opportunity to deliver the care you wanted to provide for your patients and your community? And now you’re stuck trying to figure out how to reconcile that hardworking business maven version of you while creating the life you want to lead outside the office?

Juggling work and home is tough! And finding a way to add a little you-time is even more difficult because, let me guess, you’re wired to put everyone else first? And I guess you didn’t have business school built into medical school or residency? Don’t worry, I didn’t either, but I’m really excited to share all the knowledged I’ve picked up along the way to give you a concrete timeline and list of actionable items to take your practice from good to great so that you spend more time caring for patients and less time doing the work your team should be doing. So that you can do more of the things that make your heart sing and less of the things that drive you to a dark corner with a bottle of antacids!