Scribes Quick-Start Guide

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Don’t know where to start?

You have staff but feel like they aren’t working as an orchestrated team?

Are you doing tasks that you know could be delegated to someone else but you feel paralyzed when you think about outsourcing?

Maybe you feel guilty about missing out?

You crave more time with your family?  

For a side project or volunteering?

Maybe you want to grow your practice but don’t have the emotional and physical energy? 

If you say, “I need more TIME!” You’re in the right place.

Join me to learn how implementing scribes in my independent pediatric practice helped me make more money in less time with way less stress. 


If you’re shouting YES at the top of your lungs, you’re in the right place! I’m guessing you’ve had the same frustration of running from patient to patient, with no time to chart, only to finish your day 30 minutes behind schedule with 20 more untouched charts to complete? And then you spend two distracted hours trying to remember which kid had ROM and which one was just URI so you can try to get something to the biller before she sends you a kind but stern note?

Without question, using a scribe is the single most impactful thing I have done to give myself more time and money. I was able to add at least 25% more patients to my day and finish my charts within a few minutes of my last patient leaving! That’s a time savings of two hours a day!


If that doesn’t sound good to you, then go ahead and click away now.  I don’t own a scribe service and you I’m not charging you for this book. I just want every physician to have what I have, period. I know what using a scribe did for me and I want that for my colleagues.

In my FREE Scribes Quick-Start Guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should use a scribe in your practice — the business case.
  • What is a scribe exactly?
  • Who can be a scribe?
  • Wben should you use a scribe?
  • How do you implement scribes in your office?

Plus you’ll get a checklist of scribe duties with an accompanying job description that you can use when you implement your first scribe.

You went to medical school to diagnose and treat patients, not to document a novel in your patients’ charts. Learn how to seamlessly integrate a scribe into your practice to refocus your time on the skills you do best, while ensuring accuracy in your documentation and more cash waiting at your bottom line.

You went into pediatrics because you love the connections you form with your patients and their families. Those connections get weakened when you have to stare at a computer screen and peck on a keyboard during every encounter. Regain your ability to focus wholly on your patient while you effectively delegate the clerical components of your work to a properly trained employee.

I hate to break it to you — your EHR will never keep you warm on a cold night. Stop curling up with it in bed in the evenings. Let a medical scribe handle your documentation while you do the highly skilled tasks that no one else on your payroll can do. Reclaim your time to spend with your family, partner, friends, and projects that inspire you!